Work less, connect more.
Montessori Simplified

Work less, connect more.
Montessori Simplified

Classroom management for the whole child, and the whole school.

Noorana is incredibly simple to use, yet has a profound effect on how your school delivers on its promises to your children and their families.

Work less, connect more.

Noorana's speed and ease of use means staff stops spending time transcribing handwritten notes into older systems and catching up on weekends. Noorana allows your school to provide a level of insight and support to your children and their families that was previously impossible.

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Focus Modes

Choose from multiple modes of in-class record keeping to fit your style and the situation.


Record and share key moments in a child's journey.


Centralize your records and put important information in the hands of those that need it, quickly.

Actionable Dashboards

Gift your admin team with real-time insights about what's happening in your school. Foster a thriving community and enable proactive support from in and out of the classroom.

Full Curriculum Albums and Custom Lessons

Quick access to full AMI/AMS curriculum albums and the ability to create custom supplemental and extension lessons.